Air Conditioning Enhancement

Air Conditioning Enhancement

Revitalize & Energize Air Conditioning Systems

Nu-Calgon’s A/C Re~New is a specially formulated treatment with years of proven field history in enhancing the performance of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

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Enhancing AC

  • OEM approved treatment
  • Quiets noisy compressors
  • Reduces energy consumption – lowers starting and running amps
  • Improves heat transfer in evaporators
  • Aids with sticking valves
  • Aids in oil return/heat transfer with R410A, R-407C and R-22 drops-ins

A/C Re~New is an established treatment for residential air conditioning systems, particularly older systems where performance may have diminished over the years.

Extensive testing of the technology in actual installations has shown its ability to lower energy consumption on average by 11%. The same testing revealed noise reduction and improved cooling performance.