Traditional Thermal Insulation

Traditional Thermal Insulation

Pure & simple cellulose

Quality Eco Technologies offer two types of Traditional Thermal Insulation
Clean Fiber pure cellulose, and Fiber glass.

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Clean Fiber

Pure & simple cellulose insulation

Paper or cardboard?

With CleanFiber's liquid-based process, we're able to finely separate those strong, pure recycled cardboard fibers, and provide great coverage and thermal performance.


Our all-borate formulation makes CleanFiber the best fire-safe insulation money can buy.

Superior coverage

More of what you want and less of what you don't. More fiber per pound and without all the (cough!) dust.

Pure fiber.
All borate.

  • High quality
  • Low dust
  • Low contamination
  • Low risk

Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation provides thermal and acoustical control for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Fiberglass insulation is available in a wide range of thermal resistance R-values and is available unfaced or with a variety of facings, including kraft or foil.