Whole-Home Probiotics Purification

Whole-Home Probiotics Purification

Return balance to your indoor spaces with natural Probiotics.

EcoProbiotic Systems uses organically based, “Non-GMO”- blends of extremely beneficial proprietary strains of probiotics. These strains work all the way down to the microscopic-level and constantly releases trillions of tiny working and protective probiotics that cleanse the air, the areas and objects and surfaces you treat of allergens, contamination and other impurities.

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The Benefits of

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Automatically cleans surfaces
  • Bad odor reduction
  • Consumes organic irritants (pollen, dust mite waste & pet dander)
  • Chemical-free, natural and environmentally friendly
  • Helps boost natural defenses
  • Safely nourishes indoor spaces with beneficial bacteria
  • Low maintenance and easy to install
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Compact, energy efficient and whisper quiet

Eco Probiotic System Benefits

Multi-Stage Filtration System

Probiotics are good bacteria that are beneficial to your overall health. Probiotics consume the resources that are required by unwanted bacteria. Even far more effective is the action of Quarum Sensing provided by EPS’ probiotics that greatly control unwanted guests in addition to cutting off the food supply of harmful bacteria. In addition, mold, mildew and fungus are diminished in a system filled with probiotics.

Hospital studies show that environments rich in stabilized probiotics greatly reduce a very large range of problems, the risk of contamination and allergens on both the surfaces and in the in the air. As a non-synthetic, our product deconstructs the biofilm in your home, which makes it harder for bacteria and other unwanted contaminants to survive and proliferate.

Eco Probiotic System Benefits

Eco Probiotics Balancing System is well-suited for a wide variety of indoor spaces, including homes, gyms, offices, clinics and anywhere you want to clean the air and surfaces. By continuously releasing Environmental Probiotics, Eco Probiotics creates a strong and protective microscopic layer which coats and shields all indoor surfaces. The air is clean & fresh, with many allergens constantly being removed, and best of all, a far cleaner, safer and healthier air quality for you, your family and your coworkers to breathe.